Thursday, November 18, 2010

Factory Metal Works

I waited 6 weeks but it arrived last night. I needed a different hardtail for the Triumph, the 4" stretch, 2-1/2" drop was just a little too much for me. I wanted to suck in the rear a little (that sounded nasty). So, even tho I did all that fab work on the rear section, I knew I had to make it right.

Everyone is running a David Bird hardtail nowadays it seems. I think they are great. But what drew me to the Factory Metal Works is the ability to get the hardtail in any fashion I wanted. I wanted a 2" stretch and a 2" drop, which DB didn't offer. Also the FMW were cheaper at $200.

I contacted the FMW guys, and Lucas was extremely quick on responses and a good guy to work with.

This is how it was delivered. Probably not THE best way to send something that should not be bent.

And it looks like one tab was the victim of a little postal damage. Luckily, nothing serious.

If I could make a recommendation to the FMW guys, if you want to ship in this fashion, I suggest making some blocking that fit between the axle plates and both front mounts to keep things in check. And probably add some thick cardboard tubing to the ends. It's worth another $2 in packaging to prevent an serious mishaps. But that's my only suggestion.

I think the hardtail looks great.

Look at those beefy axle plates!

Here's an old vs new comparison. You can really notice the difference looking at the axle.

I couldn't help myself

Overall I'm really happy. The true test will to see the finished project and actually put some miles on it. Still waiting on my 18" rear wheel (ROB!).


BitMonkey said...

Looks cool. I'm anxious to see it as a complete roller with the right wheel so I can get a better feel for the stance. Should look killer with the oil tank you put together.

I have a DB and the aspect I was most pleased with was the fit. I didn't have to do anything but bolt it up to get it to align right. There are lots of horror stories about fitting older bolt-ons.

Kinda lame but I literally agonized over what stretch & drop to run when I built my bike.

The Doug Taylor said...

What are ya gonna do with the old one? I'm wondering if it's longer than the one on my triumph right now.