Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Introducing Wanda

After years of wanting, and years of me begging, I convinced Lori to spend her bonus on herself and treat herself to the wagon she's always wanted. New windows can wait, dear!. We spent weeks looking at ads around the country, and were close to having a non-runner shipped, but one morning I woke and checked Craigslist, and there, 5 miles away, sat this 1959 Chevy Kingswood. I frantically spent all morning trying to get a hold of the seller. I just about gave up when I got a call. Halfway into the conversation the call got disconnected. 30 minutes later I got a hold of him again. I ran to the bank and ran to him with cash. I took one look, and quickly made the deal and snagged the pink slip. I left the wagon there and waited until Lori got home so we could go pick it up. Apparently I barely beat out a slew of callers, a few had left notes for me to sell it.

This wagon is a former Yosemite park ranger car and still has some of it's passes from the 60's visible on the windshield. There are a slew of chips in the windshield from a trip to Alaska in the 60's. It was repainted about 20 years ago, formerly white. The motor is a crate 350 from about 15 years ago. My first goal is to go through the entire suspension. Plan is a nice, simple low custom.