Monday, November 1, 2010

The 49 Mile Ride 2010

Lori and I lamed out Saturday night and didn't get dressed up or go out again. A few of our plans fell through, and we wanted to get a good night's sleep to wake up early Sunday morning. Pete & Kim (Occhio Lungo)put on their annual 49 Mile Ride again this weekend. You just could not have asked for better weather. A huge turn out.

Once again I took the XS. Every year I say I will be taking the Triumph. Hopefully this is the last time I say that. A few of us East Bayers met up and Bay Bridged it over to Embarcadero and to the meeting spot. Bikes, bikes, bikes. Where are all these gems hiding?

All my pics

One sexy dame and an XS650! I didn't have a working tail light. And when I pushed my bike out in the morning the headlight switch exploded. So no headlight. It's leaking oil from needing a top end. And after a while of low speed riding, it gets really hard to shift. I think she needs to go to sleep for the winter and hopefully I can find some time to put some love towards her.

Kim trephining Francisco


Carl, Lucas, and Patrick

Headin' out

Coit Tower

Fort Point. No one jumped off the bridge this year.

Twin Peaks, aka The Asian Tourist Destination

Pictures don't do justice. Do they ever?

Good to see a lot of people there, some I haven't talked to before. Josh, Lou, Ed, Troy, John and some of the Sacto guys, Jason from SF Vintage Cycle, Bruce from Hollywood Bobbers, Lee Bender, of course Max and his crew are always a sight. The XS650's were representing. The BSA Pre-units were plentiful, but the Pre-unit Triumphs were under represented. I'll need to fix that for next year. Thanks Pete and Kim for a great ride once again.


Anonymous said...

hell yeah. lots of fun, and no breakdowns, accidents or trouble (except that one stop sign ticket!). Thanks for coming out, see ya soon.

patrick Dunaway said...

yeah that was great...still owe ya for the $20! Beers on me

Troop said...

Looks like Throwbacks missed a good one. Our planned fun got rained on hard. Oh well, there's always next year!

Vorhese said...

Pete, thanks!
Patrick, was meant to be!
And yes, you better not miss next year Troop!