Friday, November 5, 2010

Henry Rollins VS Hipsters

Let me preface this by saying apparently everything about me is hipster. Every single thing I do. What I'm into, my hobbies, what I listen to, what I wear, etc etc. With the multitude of subspecies of hipster, there is a group of me's out there somewhere. I can't help that the "in" thing keeps catching up to me. I just keep chuggin along. Most of my friends are probably hipsters, but because they are my friends, they get a pass. The question is now, "What ISN'T hipster anymore?" That guy that makes $120K a year and wears a suit every day is probably not a hipster. The mexican day laborer standing at Home Depot hoping for $20 for the day is probably not a hipster. I can always say, "I've been doing X for longer than Y," but that's the equivalent of saying, "I liked this band before they were cool, and now that they are cool, I don't like them anymore." At a certain point, being a hipster has completely lost it's meaning. It's like jocks vs nerds. Nerds are now cool, and jocks are skateboarders. It's a stupid immature battle that hopefully I can grow out of at some point. Just do what you like. Listen to what you like. Dress how you like. That being said, damn I hate hipsters.

Henry Rollins VS Hipsters

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Livingston Montreux said...

Interesting, but I think it just boils down to the originals not knowing how to deal with themselves reflected in the young ones. We were never expecting to see ourselves copied in style, speech or dress. I have had the chance to talk to Henry myself after the Afghan war started and he has mellowed out with age and wisodm as I hope we all do, but it was classic Rollins when his eyes lit uopat that chick.... She really rolled the dice with her mouth. There is nothing left for us old ones to rebel against, the real rebels are dead.....