Saturday, November 27, 2010

Black Friday Rule

We weren't as nutty as some of the other Black Friday shoppers, but we went to the city to try to find a new mattress at Macy's. Honestly, I don't really think we got any sort of amazing deal, but I think we actually got a nice mattress, possibly the nicest I've ever owned, a Sterns & Foster "Monet's Garden" plush. I know, a nailbiter of a blog topic.

We then bought a few ornaments and a hula girl night light for our bathroom. No more falling in!

We headed to the mall for some food. There was no where to sit, so everyone was sitting on the floor and be hassled by the mall cops about fire safety. That was an enjoyable meal.

But later that night we headed back to the city to Cafe Du Nord to see Lori's friend from Arizona and to watch some bluegrass bands. To use Troop's label, a bunch of "hicksters." But I was really surprised at the low level of hicksters there, just people really. Bluegrass style music has really gotten popular again which just mystifies me. Once again, I'm ahead of the curve!

The bands to me were nothing special except the last band "The Good Luck Thrift Store Outfit." Imagine a more bluegrassy version of Lucero. I really liked these guys. We hung out with the mandolin player most of the night, and he was wailing on stage. The other lead guitar was kickass. Banjo, flying V Gibson, and a pedal steel! I kind of sat there day dreaming about having my own style of band. Check those guys out for SURE.


Rob Timko said...

If you remember to put the seat down, no one falls in.

First rule of marriage.

Vorhese said...

Don't worry, I'm good about it. It's just really dark in there at night. By the way, I lost the firm vs plush mattress battle with Lori.

Vorhese said...

that mattress link isn't really the one we got :)
and POSSIBLY the nicest you've ever owned?! i'm going to say DEFINITELY. i saw what you were sleeping on when i met you :)
ps- this is your were already logged in :) :) :)