Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Exhaust Manifold Repair - Stage 2: Hell Broth

The piece that attaches the manifold is a spring-loaded butterly valve called a heat riser. It's designed to keep the manifold warm in cold weather driving. This part was doomed to fail, and mine was rusted shut and only allowing maybe half of the exhaust to escape. So I did what any red blooded American would do and cut off all the crap.

I began to clean everything up with a wire wheel when I said heck with it, and just set up an electrolytic rust removal vat. I let it stew for about 8 hours. I could have gone longer but I was impatient.

All nice and clean

5 coats of high temp engine paint

I have the manifold and exhaust flange gaskets. I'm going to replace the studs and nuts with some nice grade 8 stainless. I'm trying to sell the Desoto, but I still am trying to repair it best of my abilities.


lucas said...

hell yeah. get it. that looks awesome. gonna have to try that elctroriggamaroll rustaway bath thingy.

Anonymous said...

It looks like a bucket of Guinness. mmmm.

guinessplease said...

Looks good, i need to do that with manifold on my 230. Are you putting the heat riser valve back in?

Vorhese said...

I took the valve components out but am reinstalling the piece as my exhaust is set up for that piece to be there.

guinessplease said...

Good deal. Hot manifold is always good.