Sunday, April 12, 2009

Weekly Running Summary

As I'm really not on the C25K anymore, I'm going to just summarize my week's runs. The big deal this week is Lori and I got our arch and gait tests done at Road Runner and fitted for proper shoes. It's pretty interesting to watch slow motion video of the way you run. I have flat feet and over pronate. I've been suffering a lot of leg pain and shin splints since last Saturday and figured it was time to get the right shoes.

WEDNESDAY - ROUTE MAP - 2.28 miles, untimed.

FRIDAY - ROUTE MAP - 2.63 miles, untimed

SUNDAY - TRACK - 3.25 miles in 38 minutes 35 seconds, 5.05 mph avg.

So next Sunday is our first run, 3 miles, in Petaluma. I think we're ready.

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