Monday, April 27, 2009

Sunday Streets

Yesterday was San Francisco's Sunday Streets. They basically shut down Embarcadero for a few hours and made it open to the public to ride bikes, walk, run, and just not worry about cars. Every once in a while San Francisco reminds you that it is a cool place. We went to go run 4 miles. But I had been having such bad shin splints that I was just going to walk it while Lori ran. Then I decided, oh, maybe I'll do a half mile. I just took it really easy and slow and ended up jogging the whole thing. Not quite 4 miles, but it was still a really good run (unlike Friday's insanely windy, shin-splint filled day).

This week's runs summary:
Tuesday: 2.21 miles, 24:02
Friday: 3.22 miles, untimed
Sunday: 3.25 miles, untimed

We have a 4 mile run next Sunday, I think we'll do fine if we just take our time and not worry about breaking any records.

Here's some pics from yesterday.

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