Thursday, April 2, 2009

Art Month has begun

I promised myself that in April I will be doing something art related every night, be it sketching, illustration, painting, whatever. I've been out of the art mood for so long I needed a severe kick in the butt to get my creative juices flowing again. Trying to tackle art with fiancee, dogs, work, making dinner, running, motorcycles, cars, and regular chores is going to test me.

I set up my area last night. Lori didn't understand why it took me an hour just to get started. It's all about preparation and work environment, people.

My first assignment is to create a logo for Lori's dog treat business Reckless Rover. I did some thumbnails for her to look at. The idea is to make a rubber stamp of the design, so it needs to be a simple, bold and one color design.

Next step was drawing a couple more detailed versions of the direction we want to go. She liked the one in the upper left. I thought it was a bit too busy and detailed, so I drew the final one on the bottom right. I do believe we'll be going with that one. Tonight I'm doing a final drawing and putting the text on.

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