Saturday, April 4, 2009

She's Just My Type

Lori cooked me a delicious rib eye steak dinner tonight, and she inspired me to do this for her.

Which brings me to another issue, and anyone interested in the quality of their internet browser needs to pay attention. You won't see the above drawing like you are supposed to if you don't have color management in your browser enabled. The drawing will look very washed out. Safari and Firefox 3.1 have color management enabled by default. But any other browser needs to have it enabled. It's very easy to fix and will make the images that your browser displays look like the image should.

In Firefox...
1. In the address bar type "about:config" without the quotation marks.
2. Click past the warning screen
3. In the search bar type "gfx.color_management.enabled" without the quotation marks.
4. When the result pops up, click the "false" until it says "true"
5. Close the browser and restart it

If you did it right the above drawing will look way different.

Ok, so now I need to go to bed. We have engagement photos tomorrow. Another long day.


Rob Timko said...

February 3rd.

1:00 PM me: so for valentines day i was thinking about getting one of our engagement photos blown up on one of those canvases
for our office.
gay or no gay
1:01 PM Jason: engagement photos are gay
so might as well go extra gay
1:02 PM me: as gay as 6k for a wedding photographer, at least i only paid 3hundy

Vorhese said...

We got em for free! (asshole)

Rob Timko said...

But did you get a 6 hour tour of Paris included?