Sunday, April 19, 2009

Petaluma Foot Race

Results are in:
369 Runners in the 3 mile race.
Lori - Place: #2 in age group Overall: #102 Time: 32:02.7
Me - Place: #3 in age group Overall: #97 Time: 31:42.7


Well, we did it. Today was our first organized run in Petaluma. We did the 3 mile course. I finished at about 31:30 and Lori was right behind me at 32:00 (both unofficial times, we're waiting for our results). Both times are easily personal bests for 3 miles. Not bad for only starting to run 3 1/2 months ago.

It was really a load of fun, and I can see how running can get addictive. I wasn't sure how I was going to do, or if I'd even be able to run. I've been struggling with bad shin splints for two weeks, and both runs this week haven't been that good. I spent the last 2 days icing my shins every 2 hours, doing shin exercises, and popping Ibuprofin. I stretched like crazy before the race. And it must have paid off, I didn't have any issues. I'm going to take it easy for a week to heal, but we have a 4 mile at the beginning of next month.

Lori doesn't like my black socks.

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