Saturday, April 25, 2009

Triumph Progress

A little more progress on the 1962 Triumph Bonneville chopper.

I finally mounted my seat last night. Took me a while to get all the parts. I started with a skinny Bates seat pan I got from my buddy Caffeine, and seat hinge and seat bungs from Fab Kevin, and 4" springs from Justified Defiance. Thanks again to Ted for letting me borrow his MIG welder.

The hinge stuck too far in front of the seat for my taste. I wanted the hinge to be more or less under the tip. And it was pretty crooked. So I cut the slotted bracket off and moved it back about 2." I also gave the rear of the seat a more pronounced curve.

I tacked the bungs on. I pretty much just wanted them vertical.

After moving the seat into place, I marked where I wanted it, taped it up, and welded on the front hinge. And probably caused a wire fire inside the tubing.

I adjusted the hinge back and forward a little to get the springs to sit correctly. And I finished welding the seat bungs which I wont show because it looks like bird crap. I couldn't really figure out how to get into the crannies to weld it right. I'll just grind them down and have a professional do them correctly for me.

I still have to figure out a way to make the sissy bar, mount the fender, make foot pegs, fix the kickstand. Then I can tear it all down.

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