Wednesday, April 8, 2009


I jetted home for lunch today to get my run in I missed yesterday. Everything below my knees has been killing me since my Saturday run; so bad that I could hardly walk. I decided to see what happens and ran today, with Luka. I had a 2.58 mile run around Orange Park planned. After the first 1/4 mile my legs/feet/ankles didn't hurt anymore. But I was feeling nauseous. And now I know why. I did my run in 22:41. That's a 6.8mph avg, a 8.79 minute mile. Christ! I knew I was pushing myself too hard but I didn't realize I was running that fast. Luka was a pretty good boy, too. He, for the most part, ran right along side me. We got home and stretched. My legs feel really good again. And Luka passed out. It helps me with my guilt of leaving them in their crate all day.

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Rob Timko said...

dang!! That's quick, and awesome!!! Beats me almost getting hit by a fly baseball on my run today.