Friday, April 3, 2009

Hipsters are ghey

Thanks for the link Rach!
"So i am riding my bike this morning toward work... going down Pierce from oak, real steep with a busy stop sign at the bottom if you dont know the hill... Of course, since i also ride a fixed gear bike, i was taking it easy, i do in fact savor my life and i dont want to loose it while cruising to work. So, in my drowsy slow state, a beefy hipster, as well on a fixed gear, fly's by me at top fucking speed while leaning his head to give me a dirty, 'your slower than my grandma you wimp' smirk... So at fucking 9:30 in the morning, going nearly 30-35 miles an hour, with no brakes, runs the stop sign to find himself cruising right toward 3 bikers, absolutely trapped to crash... right before the douche bag collided with the poor nice commuter man, i heard one of you poor bastards yell, "WHOA!!!" and BOOOM the hipster flew so far over his handlebars, all i saw was his mangled body and bag just slam and tumble for a days. Luckily the commuter man was barely phased, he was able to slow down and come back to ask if you were ok. With all that adrenaline pumping threw your beefy head, you managed to spring up and yell, "WELL I DONT KNOW WHOS FAULT THAT WAS!" implying that it was the old mans fault for going slow... well if you really don't know who's fault it was, i will tell you, it was yours dumbass! hahah. Man that was so funny dude, i cruised by, looked you straight in the eyes, and smiled a big happy smile, but you and i both know i was cracking up on the inside!!! haha we all were. i was having a drowsy shitty morning, but thanks to you, i am still laughing! yay for hipsters on their fixies!!!! -Martin "

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JessX said...

i'd love to see this happen to some of the wanna be lance armstrongs that zip up and down the bike path.