Monday, June 4, 2012

Thank you Mr. Drug Dealers, Thank you

While I was in the city picking up Lori's bike, I got a call from her informing me that a drug-deal-gone-bad had just resulted in our parked car being hit. Awesome. Here's what apparently happened...

Our neighbors saw two cars parked in front of their house. There was a black Chevy SUV parked in front, and a gold BMW (with 2 children in the back eating ice cream) blocking their driveway, parked behind the SUV. He walks outside and memorizes the SUV's license plate. It's filled with 4 young black men with dreadlocks. My neighbors see them hand a white powdery substance to the owners of the BMW. The drug dealers then see my neighbor staring them down and freak out, jump in their SUV, plow into our parked car, do a u-turn, and take off down a side street.

I got back home and we waited for the police. The cop informs us the plate came back as a rental (swapped plates?). It would take 2-3 weeks to get the police report. I was upset with myself for parking the car on the street (I needed to get in the garage), but I was glad it wasn't the Desoto. Actually, if they hit the Desoto, their SUV would probably have bounced off. Lori is upset because we just paid off the car. But I wasn't too upset, insurance would take care of it.

I wasn't upset until I learned that we have to pay a $500 deductible. And apparently we didn't have car rental insurance.

I swear our neighborhood is getting worse. It's been changing for the better, but recently it has taken a big dip back down. Lots of shootings, some murders, lots of burglaries. We can't seem to keep the animals out. Is this where we want to raise Max? But can we really afford to live anywhere else?

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Heath said...

This is probably out of the question but NW Ohio has lots of houses for sale and houses are cheap! Oh and there aren't a lot of murders, robberies, stabbings, etc either. It may be dull but it's safe, quite, and good schools.