Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Julians Big 'Ol 50

I did not get to work on my XS at all this weekend. All I need to do is hook a couple things up to see if it's running... but I did get to ride my RD for 30 minutes Sunday night, help my neighbor work on his bike, drive my Desoto to get groceries, and had a pretty major awesome ride in the Livermore rural area on Saturday. My buddy Julian (big RD nut) and his buddy Will both celebrated their 50th birthdays and had a small attendance old man ride. I rode my KLR, and I got Mittens to join me. I was quite shocked just how amazing some of the terrain is out there. Windy as hell, but amazing. It really makes me wish I had a Go-Pro camera to catch some of it, as I only got a few shots while we were stopped.

Will's ram air Ducati frankenbike

RZ350, mostly.


After that we had a private tour of the Blackhawk Museum, but that's another post.

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