Monday, June 11, 2012

Mr. Mom

Big news. I just handed in my resignation at work. 3 months into the pregnancy we decided that I should be the stay at home parent. My wife makes more money, has more potential for advancement, better insurance, and a more interesting career and can work from home when needed. I have a long, dangerous commute on a motorcycle, have a job with little potential for growth, etc. We estimated child care would be half of my salary, and it only made sense to have me stay home. I will also be freelancing (potentially for my current company) but also trying to re-kickstart my fledgling freelance art/illustration career. Basically I'll be doing a lot of hustling. Also, since I will be home maintaining the house, it will give our weekends more time to enjoy family time. Not only that, to help with easing Lori's lack of being around Max, I can go to her work and have lunch during the week. Win-win for everyone. The toughest hurdle we forsee is losing just shy of half our income. We've ran the numbers many times to make sure it can work. I am very excited about my next life change.

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Chris P. said...

Lucky Max!