Tuesday, June 19, 2012

She Lives... AGAIN

Using my alloted 30 minutes of free time a week, I stared intently at my XS and willed it to start. That didn't work. It had spark, but it seemed erratic and weak. I looked at my wiring diagram time and again. I have a later model alternator with different colored wires to hook up to the CDI. I had to look up online which wires connected to what. Well, apparently the advice I read was the exact OPPOSITE of what I needed to do. I swapped 2 wires and I had a huge spark jump off the plug. That's a bingo!

It should come together fairly quickly from here on out if I can get a good chunk of time to just sit down and clean everything up. My original idea of using a teeny battery isn't going to work. It's junk. Waste of $20. I might use the smaller one I've been using, but if anyone has an even smaller alternative, message me.

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