Monday, October 10, 2011

Triumphs Fit In Hyundais

I pulled in last night around 7PM from a fantastically productive and entertaining weekend with the Throwbacks. I may have set my sight's too high with the exhaust but we got every other bit of fab done. Now it's time to just clean things up and do the motor.

New sidestand mount, scavenged the sidestand from my '67

Captain TIG Weld

Channels in the fender for the wiring

We put a lot of effort into remounting the fender (for the 4th time) using threaded inserts and a lot of bracket tweaking to make sure that fender perfectly followed the arc of the wheel. It was so worth it. Trick!

We redid the 50's Tiger Cub oil tank. We added 4" of capacity. Pops and I tag teamed it and it came out amazing. Pops' work is top notch.

Motor next, then get everything ready and take it up for it's exhaust and first start.


BitMonkey said...

Nice progress. I forgot about that oil tank, it's super cool.

Anonymous said...

threaded inserts; now why didn't i think of that.
d'you buy em' or fab em'?


Vorhese said...

BUB Exhaust, where Pops works, was just throwing them out and he snagged them thinking he could use them somewhere. Well, we found a use. So much nicer than the welded on nuts I put there originally. We used them at the bottom and where the sissy bar connects, 5/16-24. 1/4-20 mid way.