Thursday, October 20, 2011

New Camera

Lori and I decided to spend some nickels on a nice camera so we could have good baby pictures when the time comes. I found out about the Canon Loyalty Program which basically sells you a refurbished model (a decent selection) for a much reduced price plus trade in for an old, broken (any model) Canon camera. So for $520 dollars we bought a Canon t2i DSLR which retails around $900. It comes with a 58mm lens.

Here are some shots, right out of the box, using the 58mm lens, and me not really knowing what I was doing. Some are auto focus, some manual, some trying different settings... nothing too in depth yet. Most were taken in low light/incandescent light, which required a little Photoshop to get the orangeyness taken down a notch. Not bad, not bad.

Lori's mamma is visiting too, Sheena's best friend

Triumph's transmission is completely disassembled, except the bearing.

Time to read up some more. We're going to get a 52mm 1.8 depth of field lens, tripod, some other filters. I'm also learning about HDR, which is cool, if not trendy.

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SCOTTYG said...

Got the same camera for my wife last X-mas. We love it. takes GREAT pics!