Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Mr. Irresponsible

I had to have one last impulsive action before the kid came. I picked this up this weekend... hopefully it will be BabyXY and my first project. I must thank the wife for hardly putting up a struggle!

1953 Thunderbird motor (factory rigid), 1955 Thunderbird chassis (first year swingarm). Complete basket case. Missing a lot. No fenders, seat, nacelle, engine mounts, most of the front end. I do have the fork lowers and triple trees. The front wheel is incorrect, but surprisingly correct for my '67 TR6. I thought they made repops for the fenders and nacelle, I guess they do, but they're fiberglass or Indian made (quality questionable). Luckily it does have the gas tank (including trim and badges), oil tank, and battery box (minus cover), magneto, and primary cover. My original plan was restoration... but not sure now. I won't be touching this for quite a while. Soon I need to go through the entire parts list just so I have a record of what's missing and what needs replaced. Project wise... I think I'm good for a while. Unless I find a factory rigid too good to say no!


BitMonkey said...

I think you can get fenders from Tiger Spares or Ace Classics but they probably aren't cheap. I might have some little pieces that could help you out once you figure out what you need.

Anonymous said...

The alloy head is wrong for '53, cast iron only, Primary cover looks '60-'62. Still a beauty.

Vorhese said...

Frame: 61951 - 1955
Jugs: E3332
Motor: 6T39577 - 1953
Trans: 96224
Outer Primary: T1237
Inner: T123
Carb: 389 30
Head: E3925 HOA
Carb Manifold: E3304

Vorhese said...

1955 parts manual says primaries are correct, carb should be 376/XX, 389/30 is for a Greeves??? That cant be right... no idea on the gearbox

BitMonkey said...

Check your email. Hopefully you are still using the Gmail account listed on JJ.