Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Pumpkin Pickin'

One of the downfalls of living in the Bay is lack of real pumpkin patches and good haunted houses. You have to drive 30+ minutes to get to anything that isn't just a parking lot with pre-picked pumpkins and a bouncy castle for the kids. And even then, they are a little weak compared to the midwest. We couldn't go to haunted houses this year (ya know, the whole baby thing) so we went to G&M Farms in Livermore for their pumpkin patch. We paid $10 each to wander around a mildly amusing corn maze filled with Bible verses clues. I picked an ear of corn and stuffed it in Lori's purse in silent protest. We then wandered around a sad looking menagerie of caged farm animals and other children's activities. We both agreed this would probably be a lot more entertaining with kids. Afterwards we each picked out our $7 pumpkin and went home. We might try Dell' Osso Farms... they have a pumpkin cannon.

I'm looking interesting these days

2 pumpkins

Please don't feed the bored animals

This pic amuses us

Because we have a similar one from from Ohio 4 years ago


Troop said...

The corn looks healthier in CA...

Vorhese said...

There's a lot of hog corn in Ohio