Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Great Watermelon Disappointment of 2011

Way way back in April when we first built and planted our garden, we started 2 little watermelon seeds. For 3 months those 2 little girl barely grew bigger than a 3 leaf seedling, and they just looked horrible and sad. Finally, one of them just gave up and died. But the other held strong. We wondered if our little watermelon would ever grow.

And then one day it did. And it grew and grew and soon filled the entire planter. But that wasn't enough for the little watermelon plant. It wanted more. And it grew and grew and soon was spilling out all over the yard.

But no watermelons.

But soon, little flowers appeared. Our friendly white butterly flapped around happily at all the lush green vegetation. Soon, our neighbors the bees showed up and buzzed around the flowers. And then one day, a tiny little marble sized watermelon appeared.

And it grew and grew. It loved the sunshine we were finally getting. Soon, 9 of her sisters appeared and also grew. We watched as the eldest melon kept getting larger and larger.

And one day it was so large that we decided it was time. I picked that watermelon, anticipating the delicious red treat inside. When I cut it open I discovered a half ripe fruit. The amount of disappointment I felt was staggering. I had watched and nurtured this fruit for months and months, and here I went and destroyed its potential. I didn't research when to harvest. I just assumed a big melon was ready.

I learned my lesson and will be patient with the other 9. Hopefully the turn in the weather doesn't kill the plant before they are ripe.

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