Wednesday, October 26, 2011

About Last Night

Lori is in LA once again for work. This is either the 3rd or 4th time now in 3 months. Which meant I was alone to de-evolve into bachelor life for a night. I spent the night cleaning Juliet's carbs and pulled the jugs off the pre-unit. I also discovered the battery on my XS is probably bad, just a few days before the 49 Mile Ride. As for the carbs, at first I thought all the gummed up components and rust were from the petrol tanks, but the trick little inline filters at the bottom of the carbs were spotless. So maybe moisture got in through the venturis and got down into the floats. Needless to say, this has to be why it wasn't starting. I'm hooking them back up today and will find out. Jugs came off with little sweat. At first I was thinking I'd be cursing for not having an engine stand, but it all worked out.


Charlie said...

How do those cylinders look? You think you'd be able to get away with just a hone? Or do you even think you'll need that?

I know some people just replace the piston rings and ride it HARD at first.
-"Oh they'll just hone themselves."

Vorhese said...

I'll have a real answer later, but I think a ball hone job should be fine.