Monday, October 31, 2011

The 49 Mile Ride 2011

My favorite ride of the year has come and gone. Lori was adamant about going so I made sure the XS was running good for 2-up, actually, 3-up counting the baby. I got a new tail light and borrowed a new battery. Of course, Sunday morning my headlight wouldn't work. Francisco's Bomber wouldn't kick either, so I had to bump him and start my day sweaty. We had a small crew meet for coffee, then ride across the bridge and to the boat club where 300 classic, vintage, and antique motorcycles were gathering.

The ride was great. The weather was amazing. This will be the last year I ride my XS. I can't wait to cruise on my Triumph for next year. When we returned to the boat club, I noticed my swing-arm shaft had sheared off at the nut. This is the 3rd time. Something is up, probably the bushings. I'll decommission it for the year and look into it.

We had our new Canon with us and was excited about shooting in aperture priority mode for some photos with pizazz... SOMEWHERE along the way I had some setting on wrong and a vast majority of our photos were blue and washed out. I did my best to salvage them with Photoshop.

All the photos, including more bikes and ride photos. The following is a more personal recap.



There's a baby in there

3 videos


JessX said...
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JessX said...

I'm going to take a wild guess and say you accidentally messed with your white balance on the camera. Probably got set to tungsten mode.

Vorhese said...

I wouldn't doubt I selected something.

Anonymous said...

Looks like everyone had good day,thanks for sharing pic's.