Saturday, April 28, 2012

Stay Put

Yesterday Lori had a mom's group meeting with Max for a few hours and you know what that means... GARAGE TIME. First order of business was taking half a millimeter off one of the new spacers for the XS to make it fit a little bit better. Stainless steel takes a lot longer to grind, and I did my best to keep it true to flat. Having a lathe would be so handy. Next up is the brake stay which I spent the majority of my time on. The longest part of these tasks is setting up. I have to move all my gear outside. Makes me want to have a dedicated fabrication section in my garage but there's no room. Anyway, the stay connects to the bolt that someone had put in the brake plate to one of the caliper mounts on the fork. It's a bit of an S shaped bracket. I'll eventually shave the forks but I want to run it for a while to make sure it works. I've also decided to still run a fender, for looks and to keep everything in line. I started to think about mounting the headlight but I think I need to find a new one as the one I have is side mount and I need to mount it from the bottom. Until next time garage.

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