Monday, April 30, 2012

Only Took Me 4 Years

I've had the visor for the Desoto for 4 years and never got around to putting it on. I was probably intimidated. It came with no hardware, no instructions. These were not an option for '53, just an aftermarket accessory, and not a common one at that. I've only ever seen one other for sale. I had asked the seller to scan me the instructions he had but he never did. 1953 was the first year of the one-piece windshield, prior to that being split-windows, which I think look better, especially for the visors. They had the cool-old articulated Fulton visors.

Oakland Cruise Night is this Friday and we're bringing Max for his inaugural trip. I really wanted to have the visor on. It's not painted yet, but that's ok. It took some modification to make it fit anyway. I initially asked Lori for her help but it soon became apparent I needed more hands, so I also got Lucas to help out. The hardest part was centering and aligning and deciding how far back to mount the roof bracket, plus actually convincing myself it was time to drill. We made a rubber gasket out of an old motorcycle tube. I also cut about 1/4" off each side of the visor so that it wasn't bowing. It must not be in the perfect spot, but over all it looks good. I did the best I could, but the roof has a few more scratches, no big deal. Next up is to mount the sides with some sheet metal screws and then get some color-matched paint.

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