Friday, April 20, 2012

Hankerin' for another pick'em'up

A man should have 2 vehicles: a family cruiser (the Desoto) AND a pickup to haul his bikes, lumber, and dog. One of my biggest regrets is selling my '49 Ford. It was necessary to help finance buying our house. But boy do I miss it. And Lori actually liked that truck. She's not as big of a fan of the Desoto. It had some growing pains and stranded us a few times, and even though it's been years since an incident and it is pretty well sorted at this point, she's never forgotten nor forgiven. As much as I'd love to find a 1940 Ford Pickup to haul around my rigid Pre-unit (see my favorite picture ever), it doesn't appear that it will happen anytime soon. No space, no money, and Max comes first. Maybe in my next life stage I can get that car/pickup combo again. I've really taken an affinity to Dodge pickups, and I think it would be fantastic to keep it old MOPAR. I like to play imaginary car build in my head a lot. I found this great 1946 Dodge rolling chassis. Maybe to avoid the Hemi cliche, I'd stick a Nailhead in it or something. I can already see myself cruising around in it with Max beside me and Luka sitting in the bed. I like living in an imaginary world. I found this great video that helped burn the fire even more.

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