Sunday, June 12, 2011

Throwbacks Saturday Scoot Ride

Doug on his Triumph chop and me on the KLR headed up to the gold country to go for a ride with the boys. I wasn't able to be part of the cool kid old bike club today, but I was able to transport a lot of parts up. I was carrying Troop's preunit transmission and primary covers, my XS650 tank, and the Tiger Cub oil tank for Pops to fix for me. We did the 150 mile ride up cruising the river through Isleton and up to Sacramento, and then just bombed 80 up to Auborn and over on 49 to Grass Valley.

Click here for all the pics

3 hours later everyone was at Pops' getting ready for the ride and we did the hard .1 miles to Paco's Tacos where I finally got to fulfill my crispy fried taco craving.

The route was 100 miles, 50 miles to Allegheny and back. Very beautiful country and hills and redwoods and twisties.

Travis' 52 with sprung hub!

Troop's '66 6T and the '52

Grey beards and young beards cohabitating

Heading back the only real issue of the day was Doug's Triumph suddenly dying, traced to a broken switch.

Ended the day with a bbq at Butch's.

We bombed 150 miles back to the Bay in the dark. There is no such thing as a warm Bay evening. The heated grips were on. Sometimes riding a modern bike has it's benefits. But the KLR slab destroyed my tailbone. 400 miles down and a hot bath to end the day.It was good to see the boys again, I'll be back soon.


occhiolungo said...

crap, we missed you guys on Saturday. The Indian Run went through Grass Valley twice (lunch was at the Red Frog in Colfax) but we never did cross your path. Next year!


Troop said...

Sumbitch! We were contemplating a route that would drop us off at the Red Frog! We nixed in in favor of more twisties and less cars. Despite not seeing you we still had the better route. Join us next time?

occhiolungo said...

hell yeah. we had a great route though. some very random back roads from Red Frog up to Grass Valley. one lane wide, winding along some small rivers and old old farms and junk. Nobody had the route maps, but one guy knew the area. pics are posted on OL tonight

Troop said...

Sounds fantastic. There's some killer roads out in the national forest outside of Auburn, one such is Mosquito Ridge up to the town of Iowa Hill. Incredible vistas, single lane pavement. Single mechanical brake on those twisties takes guts!

The Philo Beddoe Reunion, hosted by my friend Gabe at Afterhours Choppers will showcase some of these roads. Coming in August. Check it out here, you should put it on your calendar: