Thursday, June 9, 2011

How to remove the CB750 Clutch Drum and Alternator Rotor

Since there doesn't seem to be a straight-forward how-to online, at least one that is quickly searchable, here's a very easy how-to for SOHC CB750's using a generic puller you can rent for free from Autozone.

How To Remove The Clutch Outer Drum
This one is fairly simple. In fact, it may just pull right off without the puller. But if not, simply put the three claws through the open holes in the drum so that they pull from the back. Position the center of the puller on the center of the layshaft. You may want to put a piece of wood on the end so you don't booger it up if it's on tight. Tighten it up and it should hopefully pull right off.

How To Remove The Alternator Rotor
This one can be a little tougher. If you have already removed the center clutch bolt, put it back on hand tight, then back it off one full turn. Position the puller claws behind the first lip of the rotor (unless you have a bigger puller that can fit behind the rotor). Tighten the puller against the bolt. Now tighten that puller up. Give a good couple wacks on the center of the puller. Hopefully the rotor will pop off with a loud bang. If it does not, tighten the puller up some more. You may want to use a hammer handle to wedge in the puller claws to give you more leverage when tightening. Tighten it up good. Now, just keep smacking the end of the puller until it pops. It may take a few smacks. And you may get worried about doing some damage. Everything should be fine. If you think you are doing some harm, take everythign off and check your clutch bolt. You do not want to damage the threads. Do it over again if necessary.

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