Tuesday, June 21, 2011


We finally made it out to the Isleton Cajun Festival this year. It's supposedly the biggest cajun festival outside of Louisiana. The Delta area is pretty well-known for it's mud bugs and I'm pretty well-known for liking to eat them. And it was expensive... $10 to park, $5 each entry, $14 for a small order of fried catfish, fries, and a lemonade.

And the orders of crawdad's were $10 each. There was only one booth selling crawdads... and it was long.

But I got my crawdad's. Delicious, spicey, rip-head-off-and-suck-out-the-brain-juice tastiness. Actually, they were kind of rubbery. Hmmm ok. And, well, actually I forgot how much work these things are. But oh well.

So in the end, my crawdads cost me 2-1/2 hours of driving, a $5 bridge toll, and about $40. I think I got my fill of crawdads for the rest of my life (that stink just doesn't come off your hands!), but it was a good way to kill an afternoon.

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Anonymous said...

i woulda gone for a bacon-wrapped hotdog..