Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Splitting the monolith

Last night I finally got the cases split on the CB750. This motor is just ridiculously large and awkward to move.

Things I have discovered:
1. One of the head studs was missing
2. The chain must have broke at one point and crashed through the case as there is a major repair by the front sprocket.
3. I may have made a rookie mistake trying to take the flywheel off. I need to do a little more investigation tonight.

Anyway, cases are apart. I got my new gasket and oil seal kit from Cycle X. I'm going to clean everything out, give it a once over, paint what I need to, and reassemble. I'm hoping to have this engine, at least the lower end, back together before I get the Triumph torn down too far.

Here are all my reference photos.

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