Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Beware The Fair-Weather Rider

I wrote this on the way to work in my head.

Beware The Fair-Weather Rider

Beware the fair-weather rider on the warm weather day
For this is when they decide to come out to play
Their squidly behavior is easy to spot
They hold up the split lane, the whole lot

Or they ride too fast in shorts and sandles
On bikes too big for their experience to handle
Showing off and making erratic moves
Thinking they are kings but are far from smooth

Your bike is a vessel from work to home
They ride in new gear and polished chrome
You paid your dues in hail and rain
They come out in droves and make commuting a pain

There are the "tough guys," the "sport bikers," and the Beamers in Aerostich
They go over the yellow lines and can be found in the ditch
Or even worse, just use your imagination
Giving motorcyclists a bad name and a cause of frustration

Let's start with the bad boys in half helmets on cruisers
Playing dress up as gangs and bruisers
Blatting their exhaust and radios blare
But watch them get stuck as they try to lane share

Newb sport bikers have always been a fascination
Carving the twisties with target fixation
Thinking they own the roads is endearing
But they don't even comprehend counter-steering

Wearing full gear is a personal choice,
But the ATGATT crowd has very loud voice
They scream bloody murder if you dont wear full gear
But you never see these guys all 12 months of the year

One little rain drop, under 70, or a cloud
Tends to keep away most of the crowd
But once those skies open, beware my friend
The fair-weather rider rides again

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