Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Bouncing Back With Life

The exceptionally cold spring we had finally broke and the day time temperatures are finally in the 70's, at least in Oakland. Our garden is now 2 months old and has sprung back from almost death to life with new vigor. Our pepper plants are still stalled, but hanging in there. We lost all the tomato seedlings weeks ago, so we just accepted it and bought some Roma's to plant. Of our 2 watermelon, one died, and one was barely a seedling but has come back to life and loveing the new sunshine we're getting. Everything else is growing exceptionally. In fact, I think we will be harvesting some spinach this week. I think it may be time to start some more seedlings.

May 27
April 20


Eliza @ Appalachian Feet said...

Got here from reddit - looks great! You probably have a much longer season for greens like spinach than I do (at least during the warm season, I can't grow it in the summer but spinach survives our winters just fine). Is this a community garden? I'll ask my sister if she's familiar -- she just moved back to South Carolina from Oakland.

Vorhese said...

It's actually our backyard garden. Built the planters and everything a couple months ago during a big backyard renovation.