Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Oakland Three Wheeler

Lori and I had just got home from work. I heard a loud scraping noise coming from outside from the street. I opened the door and looked just in time to see a silver car drive by with no front tire, and barely anything left of a wheel squealing and scraping down Market St. The driver was smiling and laughing and was barely able to keep control, almost hit a few people at the bus stop, and made a hard right out of sight. Horns were honking,sparks were flying up like crazy, and people were jumping out of the way. I called 911, they were like "WTF!?!" The shit that I see in my gentrified neighborhood amazes me.

We left for dinner and could easily see the double gouges in the road where the car had scraped as it drove. On the way back home after dinner, I convinced Lori to let me follow the tracks. So we did our best at rangering, and followed the tracks a little bit more in the hood. They were swerving all over the place, and we lost them a couple times, but got back on the trail. About a mile of side streets later we came upon a police car and a tow truck loading up the car. I pulled over and asked the cop if they got the guy. "Yes we did! Are you the guy that called? Thank you very much." Lori and I thought for sure our call would go on deaf ears. Thank you Oakland P.D. for gettin' shit done!


Troop said...

Good to hear a positive response to a citizen complaint. That's how it outta be, and is a way of life up here in the woods. Thanks for being a good citizen! Oh, and tracking is a lost art. Way to go, urban arapahoe!

Troop said...

Did you sign a citizen arrest, or did they catch the dude in progress?

Vorhese said...

They must have caught him in action. I wish I got a picture, but I didn't feel like being "that guy" at that moment.