Monday, October 25, 2010

Things that happened to me this weekend Catch All

Rode 166 miles to Grass Valley to Hang out with Throwbacks. Hung out afterwards and met some cool Sacto guys.

Lost work camera to a tweaker in Grass Valley Safeway parking lot.

Rode home in rain dressed like a snowmobiler.

Hung up most of the art in our house, finally.

Chewed all my fingernails off as we watched the Giants beat the Phillies!

Went to Forbidden Island in Alameda afterwards with Lorna & Francisco, and got tipsy on the Coronado Luau Special.

Watched the new Nightmare on Elm Street, was ok, lacked some of the humor of originals.

Spent Sunday afternoon traveling to various thrift stores attempting to assemble Halloween costumes.

Sunday was our 1 year anniversary! We had an absolutely amazing dinner at Wood Tavern in Rockridge. Get the STEAK!!! I love you baby! Lori, not the steak.

Came home to see that someone had stolen some of our Halloween decotations. They had to walk up 2 small flights of stairs, and they did it in the rain. Jerk offs. Makes us lose a little faith in our neighborhood.

Luka went crazy (with joy) when we got home and he knocked my black Epiphone acoustic guitar over and snapped the headstock off. Lori got that for me our first Christmas. Me and Luka aren't on speaking terms right now.