Monday, October 18, 2010

Rainy Ride

The first day of rain in the Bay Area and guess which day my ride was? I put my bike out in the morning in overcast, walked out 5 minutes later and it was sprinkling. "It will blow over!" Lucas and Patrick met over at my place and we headed to the meeting spot and all the other guys (Dave, Ted, Francisco), got some coffee, and took off. "It will blow by!"

Rode Redwood Rd, was fun, the alternative route I chose was closed off, so we headed back north to some of the twistier, sketchier roads to get to Orinda and it just started pouring and fog everywhere. Everyone was soaked, and those without full faces were wishing for full faces as the rain hit our faces like beebees.

We finally decided to give up the ghost and charge home.

Photo by Lucas

Photo by Doug

3 blocks from home my brake rod decided to snap and wrap around my axle. I need to get that taken care of stat as I'm riding to Grass Valley Thursday for the last Throwback Thursday, and Halloween is the 49 Mile Ride.

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