Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Dishwasher Install - Stage 1: Retrofitting Cabinets

Now that we own a house I'll probably never get to work on my toys ever again. That's how it feels, at least. One of the big improvements we wanted to make was installing a dishwasher. We both hate doing dishes. It's that simple. But getting a dishwasher into original 1915 cabinetry is not so simple. After a ton of measuring, we began tearing out chunks and surgically cutting pieces off. With help from my coworker, we cut out framework and reinforced it with L-brackets. We pulled up tile to get more vertical clearance. We even notched the wall stud to get more depth. Plater dust is everywhere, the whole house is coated in a thin white layer. We're dealing with 1/16"ths to get enough clearance.

Let the demo begin!

Stay tuned for Stage 2: Wiring!

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