Thursday, June 29, 2017

Pickin' up bones

I picked up this hacked up pre-unit chopper chassis for free. The frame, in my eyes, is junk, but it had some good unit parts on it. Forks, front wheel, tapered bearing headset... all unit I thought until I saw the rear wheel. Skinny axle, sleeved spacers, well holy smokes, this here is a rigid Triumph rear wheel! unfortunately they used tapered wheel bearings, and they ain't cheap. I really have no idea why they used such a skinny axle on these bikes. I plan to ride the bike n dirt, so I may not even use it. I'll probably use a 1954 on thicker axle wheel, and just grind flats on the axle to fit the axle plates. Anyway, a hard to find piece these days, now to find the hard to find brake plate.

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