Sunday, February 26, 2017

Welcome Maeve Bisbee Blake Friend to the world!

Max was born on his due date, March 10, 2012. Our baby girl's due date was February 25, 2017. On February 24th Lori and I went to sleep, anxious, but her feeling nothing. At 3:45AM February 25th, she nudged me awake to tell me her water broke. Still no contractions. She took a shower and began feeling them, at 5-6 minutes apart. Lori was in no rush. Max's labor was 33 hours, and we were told cut that in half for number 2. But quickly they became more intense and frequent. At the urging of yours truly and her mother, we finally convinced her to leave for the hospital at 5:30AM, contractions at 2-3 minutes apart. The ride there was... intense but calm. I pulled up to John Muir and took her up to the rooms. Contractions even shorter. After 10 minutes I went down to park the car and bring the yoga ball up. I was gone, maybe 10 minutes. All hell had broken loose. The room was full of nurses informing us this baby was coming VERY soon. at 6:25AM little Maeve Bisbee Blake Friend was born. The sweetest girl on the entire planet.

photos by Carissa Valasquez