Saturday, July 31, 2010

Super Pie Me

Lori made some lemon meringue pies!

We had some mutant lemons on our tree. No corn was used in the pies.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Snooze Patrol

Jeff Decker

Jeff Decker makes me think twice about being a heathen and converting to Mormonism. If only I had his talent, skill, collection of motorcycles, and dashing manly good looks.

Jeff Decker Mormon Video

His Blog

By the way, this is off his blog. Ed Hardy, Von Dutch, is nothing sacred with this scum bag Christain Audigier? I have no interest in clubs, 1%ers, or even any claims that I am a biker. But wearing this could honestly put your life in danger. So I hope Christian wears it every day.
Click For Link

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Watering The Plants

Nom Nom

Obviously a slow work day


Itchin' to get Grindin'

Just waiting for the work week to go by so I can get back at it...

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Galaxie Aggression

Here's a painting my buddy Josh "Lunchbox" Peters did of me about about 6 years ago of me in my old '63 Galaxie 500. The concept was a space cabbie having some road rage. Err, space rage. I wonder if he still has the source image?...

You can check out his stuff on his blog and portfolio sites.

Lunchbox Unlimited Blog
Lunchbox Unlimited

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Lunch time quicky

Lori says it's my alter ego, especially since I can't grow beard.

Morning Doodle


The Throwbacks MC in Grass Valley finally got a blog going. You should add it to your list!

Throwbacks MC Blog

Monday, July 26, 2010

Sunday, July 25, 2010


Pronunciation: \ˈtē-dē-əs, ˈtē-jəs\
Function: adjective
Etymology: Grinding and smoothing out Mig welds

I love Jasco paint stripper

on opposite day

No matter what you do, it gets on your skin and feels like 100X Vicks Vapor Rub

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Blame it on the frame

In an effort to preoccupy my mind this morning I tore the Triumph completely down and cleaned up the frame. I will be Jasco'ing the frame to take off the paint and finish welding everything up so it can be sent out for purple powder coat. Long live the purple pre-unit.

Now it's the tedious step of cleaning all the parts, fixin' whatever needs fixin', and paint. The motor will have to hold off for a bit.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Grass Valley Video

You know it was good time when almost all of your week's blog entries are about it. Here's a video Pacifica Jared threw together.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

CB750 Style Points

My CB750 has taken a back seat again for a few months as I've been trying to wrap up my Triumph. It's pretty damn hard to work on 2 bikes and an old car on a shoe string budget. But I do what I can when I can. At first I was going to do a mild restore, then a mild-mild custom. Now I think I'm going to push it just a little further.

I did a little quicky sketch of my idea:
2" lowered with shorty shocks
18" wheel in rear with vintage street tread
19" wheel in front with knobby tread and drum brake
Stock front fender, some sort of custom fender in the rear
Stock gas tank
4" head light with custom nacelle
CB160 tail light
Flat track style handlebars
4 in to 1 exhaust
Pod filters on the carbs
Custome formed left side cover, no cover on oil tank side
Recovered seat with lower profile (similar to my XS's seat)
And no gauges unless I can find a neat little air speed indicator
And I think it will rock that old oil filter/cooler I found

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

More Grass Valley pics

Compliments of One Sick race

I finally have a cool riding picture. At least my wife says I look cool. Click for bigger.

Compliments of Blue Collar Moto

And fuck the Jockey Journal. That place is a joke. Owned by a guy who doesn't even like motorcycles and is an afterthought. Sorry Ryan, love the HAMB, hate the Jockey Journal. The moderators have drove me away for good. I'm officially a Chop Cult convert.


Well, I succumbed to Blog Peer Pressure and added a music playlist to my blog. BUT I am saving everyone a headache, and NOT having it Auto Start.

Caulfield Leather

PREFACE. I posted this on the Jockey Journal as an informative piece. They found it necessary to delete my post, and have deleted many of my posts in the past. I've become sick of the bullshit moderation that happens on that forum and I will no longer be promoting and praising that forum, and definitely will not be returning. Just some internet drama bullshit that I've had enough of. It's just the internet, right? It's also a means of communication. I don't like censorship.

So I decided to take a chance and got one of the new seats from Caulfield Leather (England)
Caulfiend Leather Blog
Dirty Bobbers Store

I didn't want a cheap vinyl seat or one of the poorly stitched leather Bates repros on Ebay and I couldn't afford a Bear Parts seat. And I got sick of the over-priced vintage Bates seats on Ebay. I think this is a pretty good compromise. My only 2 complaints is the pleats on the nose don't fold down and around the nose. But the pleats don't have exposed stitching like the cheaper leather seats. The other is the bolts are NOT carriage bolts but they should work decently. The seat pan (powder coated) is pretty damn similar to Bates/Bear with a bit longer bracket that goes under the leather in the back.

Overall I'm really happy and those guys were really easy to deal with and talk to. I got a few quotes from local seat upholsterers and they were all in the $200 range to recover my Bates seat pan I have. So I feel it was definitely worth the money, even with the expensive shipping charges. Leather is English leather with a bit of texture. It needs broke in for sure.

Caulfield Seat: $205 + $45 SH White, Black, Plain or pleated (more for distressed)
Bear Parts Seat: $345 + SH from Australia
Bates Seat: $Cheap (if you're lucky) to $Ridiculous

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Can we has walk?

Monday, July 19, 2010

The Grass Valley Roll In Report

Wow, I'm back a little sun burnt and road weary, but had yet ANOTHER good time up in Grass Valley hanging with the Throwback crew and Death Traps. Me and Pacifica Jared met up with the Ace Skateboard Truck caravan in San Francisco and then took off to Contra Costa to pick up Doug, and up 160 to Sacramento, and onward to Grass Valley. A really chill day, except the weather. Even at 100 mph the hot air was just blasting and baking our faces. There were a few breakdowns, but luckily everything went smooth for me. A completely great weekend.

I'll be adding other trip reports as I find them.
Chop Cult pictures
Blue Collar Moto

Meetup in SF. Shrewgy, the trip organizer, was just a bit surprised to see the turn out. He was expecting maybe 4 bikes, it was somewhere around 20.

Somewhere past Isleton on 160.

The Roll In

The afterparty

The gritty piggy

After sleeping on a pile of fox tails all night

SOME of the bikes

Ol trusty

Triumph, Jawa tank, Dream nacelle

Honda 450

Mr Bling

Brice's stupid ridiculous Knuckle

Me drooling over the Knuckle

Chad's XS650

I can't wait to get my Triumph done for the next one.