Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Front St Cycle shirts are in!

Go get one!

Junkpile Patio Chairs

This has been a side project for about a month now. Maybe more. I was walking the dogs on garbage day and ran across these chairs in the trash. The fabric was rotten, the chairs were busted, but the wood seemed solid enough. We decided to dump a few bucks and a few hours into them and make them our own.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Odd Job Weekend

I did not go to Born Free. Everyone that I know that went broke down. I did not work on my motorcycles. I DID get to drive my Desoto a lot while Lori pulled my chain... the Wolf Whistle. Jeez, dirty minds. But mostly I busted ass around the house doing a million little things.

Installed the backflow preventer... now we're up to code

Finally hung up the awesome sign Pops made us

And filled the hole in the backyard patio where the old spigot used to be

Plus much more to come. It's a long week people, blog content is precious.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


We finally made it out to the Isleton Cajun Festival this year. It's supposedly the biggest cajun festival outside of Louisiana. The Delta area is pretty well-known for it's mud bugs and I'm pretty well-known for liking to eat them. And it was expensive... $10 to park, $5 each entry, $14 for a small order of fried catfish, fries, and a lemonade.

And the orders of crawdad's were $10 each. There was only one booth selling crawdads... and it was long.

But I got my crawdad's. Delicious, spicey, rip-head-off-and-suck-out-the-brain-juice tastiness. Actually, they were kind of rubbery. Hmmm ok. And, well, actually I forgot how much work these things are. But oh well.

So in the end, my crawdads cost me 2-1/2 hours of driving, a $5 bridge toll, and about $40. I think I got my fill of crawdads for the rest of my life (that stink just doesn't come off your hands!), but it was a good way to kill an afternoon.

Oakland Three Wheeler

Lori and I had just got home from work. I heard a loud scraping noise coming from outside from the street. I opened the door and looked just in time to see a silver car drive by with no front tire, and barely anything left of a wheel squealing and scraping down Market St. The driver was smiling and laughing and was barely able to keep control, almost hit a few people at the bus stop, and made a hard right out of sight. Horns were honking,sparks were flying up like crazy, and people were jumping out of the way. I called 911, they were like "WTF!?!" The shit that I see in my gentrified neighborhood amazes me.

We left for dinner and could easily see the double gouges in the road where the car had scraped as it drove. On the way back home after dinner, I convinced Lori to let me follow the tracks. So we did our best at rangering, and followed the tracks a little bit more in the hood. They were swerving all over the place, and we lost them a couple times, but got back on the trail. About a mile of side streets later we came upon a police car and a tow truck loading up the car. I pulled over and asked the cop if they got the guy. "Yes we did! Are you the guy that called? Thank you very much." Lori and I thought for sure our call would go on deaf ears. Thank you Oakland P.D. for gettin' shit done!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Packing up the family, heading for a slice

"Don't mind me guys, I'll just sit back here."

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Our First Harvest!

We're strong to da finich cuz we eats out spinach.

Demcrats are PUSSIES

Bill Clinton gets head, Ted Kennedy drowned a girl, Gingrinch cheated on his wife, Mark Sanford had his Argentinian mistress, John Ensign fucked one of his staff, Clarence Thomas didn't claim $700,000 of his taxes... I can keep going and going... and Anthony Weiner resigns over a weiner pic? Disgrace. Democrats devour their own and are HOPELESS.

Anthony Weiner has been one of the few democrats with real balls and now because of his behavior his colleagues are ostracizing him. One thing that I'll say for the Republicans is that they stick together even when one of them gets involved in his or her own sex scandal. Democrats are such pussies that they distance themselves from their strongest allies.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Beware The Fair-Weather Rider

I wrote this on the way to work in my head.

Beware The Fair-Weather Rider

Beware the fair-weather rider on the warm weather day
For this is when they decide to come out to play
Their squidly behavior is easy to spot
They hold up the split lane, the whole lot

Or they ride too fast in shorts and sandles
On bikes too big for their experience to handle
Showing off and making erratic moves
Thinking they are kings but are far from smooth

Your bike is a vessel from work to home
They ride in new gear and polished chrome
You paid your dues in hail and rain
They come out in droves and make commuting a pain

There are the "tough guys," the "sport bikers," and the Beamers in Aerostich
They go over the yellow lines and can be found in the ditch
Or even worse, just use your imagination
Giving motorcyclists a bad name and a cause of frustration

Let's start with the bad boys in half helmets on cruisers
Playing dress up as gangs and bruisers
Blatting their exhaust and radios blare
But watch them get stuck as they try to lane share

Newb sport bikers have always been a fascination
Carving the twisties with target fixation
Thinking they own the roads is endearing
But they don't even comprehend counter-steering

Wearing full gear is a personal choice,
But the ATGATT crowd has very loud voice
They scream bloody murder if you dont wear full gear
But you never see these guys all 12 months of the year

One little rain drop, under 70, or a cloud
Tends to keep away most of the crowd
But once those skies open, beware my friend
The fair-weather rider rides again


Cases empty, washed. Now to get media blasted. I put the empty cases back in the frame for the first time in over a year, maybe even 2. What was once a big thin bike now looks like it's been eating a lot of Twinkies. Dang this is a big and wide motor.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Bouncing Back With Life

The exceptionally cold spring we had finally broke and the day time temperatures are finally in the 70's, at least in Oakland. Our garden is now 2 months old and has sprung back from almost death to life with new vigor. Our pepper plants are still stalled, but hanging in there. We lost all the tomato seedlings weeks ago, so we just accepted it and bought some Roma's to plant. Of our 2 watermelon, one died, and one was barely a seedling but has come back to life and loveing the new sunshine we're getting. Everything else is growing exceptionally. In fact, I think we will be harvesting some spinach this week. I think it may be time to start some more seedlings.

May 27
April 20

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Throwbacks Saturday Scoot Ride

Doug on his Triumph chop and me on the KLR headed up to the gold country to go for a ride with the boys. I wasn't able to be part of the cool kid old bike club today, but I was able to transport a lot of parts up. I was carrying Troop's preunit transmission and primary covers, my XS650 tank, and the Tiger Cub oil tank for Pops to fix for me. We did the 150 mile ride up cruising the river through Isleton and up to Sacramento, and then just bombed 80 up to Auborn and over on 49 to Grass Valley.

Click here for all the pics

3 hours later everyone was at Pops' getting ready for the ride and we did the hard .1 miles to Paco's Tacos where I finally got to fulfill my crispy fried taco craving.

The route was 100 miles, 50 miles to Allegheny and back. Very beautiful country and hills and redwoods and twisties.

Travis' 52 with sprung hub!

Troop's '66 6T and the '52

Grey beards and young beards cohabitating

Heading back the only real issue of the day was Doug's Triumph suddenly dying, traced to a broken switch.

Ended the day with a bbq at Butch's.

We bombed 150 miles back to the Bay in the dark. There is no such thing as a warm Bay evening. The heated grips were on. Sometimes riding a modern bike has it's benefits. But the KLR slab destroyed my tailbone. 400 miles down and a hot bath to end the day.It was good to see the boys again, I'll be back soon.