Monday, June 19, 2017

Happy Father's Day To Me! The Oregon Haul

The Triumph factory rigid, my elusive acquisition for 20 years, my unicorn. I have never been in the right place at the right time, and I have just watched prices climb and climb. I got word of 2 stashes in Oregon. I was determined to finally get MINE. I sold a bike, kissed my wife and thanked her for being so understanding and enabling of my mental illness, and set off for an 1100 mile ONE DAY road trip to Oregon and back.

I left just after 4AM Saturday morning. I haven't been in Oregon in about 10 years. Last time I did so Lori and I were driving a '63 Ford Galaxie back from Seattle. That trip didn't go so well. I had never been on the I-5 section and it was beautiful. The views of Mt Shasta were amazing. I was scouting future family vacation spots left and right.

I arrived at my first stop. I met some really cool dudes that have been into bikes and cars a hell of a lot longer than me. I picked up a 1952 frame set up for a Harley 45, and a chromed 1950 frame. Also a '66 Bonnie motor in a '63 frame, a butt load of wheels and parts, and a cool old Sansui and Marantz receiver.

On to my next stop 4 hours north. This time I picked up a '59 Bonneville motor with an ironhead top end in a 1954 frame, a 1954 T110 motor (8 bolt alloy head), a set of 47 5T cases and parts, and a bunch of other really useful... crap. All in all both stops, almost enough to build 3 rigids from.

Loaded up and headed home, I left at 6PM and made it home at 2AM, ahead of schedule.

The aftermath. I unloaded the car and trailer on Sunday in about 100 degree weather. This should keep me busy for a while. I already know how I want to build 2 of the rigids, and I can guarantee they will not have 16" rear wheels with unit front ends.

'63 frame, '66 Bonnie motor. Set up as a flat tracker at some point, neat oil tank mod.

Be Happy

All I can say is EPIC.

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