Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Having a blast

I went to Pacific Media Blasting in Santa Cruz and got some of my very rusty Desoto parts and Rd350 engine parts blasted so I can paint them. Saved me hours of work. Desoto parts are currently in primer and paint, awaiting warmer and dryer weather to reinstall them. The master cylinder access panel looked like a piece of cheese... good ol bondo and filler to the rescue.

Only In San Francisco

I could not believe what I saw here...
Fell Street Faller

Monday, December 15, 2008

Getting Hitched

I've been neglecting my blog. Time to spend some quality time again.

Friday night I took Lori the Nutcracker. She loves the Nutcracker, and anything to do with Christmas. After the show we walked outside in front of the Opera House and I asked her if she wanted a picture. I found a group of girls to take a photo. They were, "Sure, I guess." They snapped one. My knees were shaking. I asked for one more picture. I then dropped to my knees. Legs still shaking. Lori started bawling. People started screaming and wooing and clapping and our camera girls started "OH MY GOD." I asked, she said "yes!" We're gettin' hitched!

Pave white gold setting, .96 karat emerald cut. And she loves it!