Saturday, January 29, 2011

Upcoming Art Show

Flyer for my upcoming show. Please spread the word!
More details here

Friday, January 28, 2011

Found somewhere online...

Weld Porn

Compliments of Pops

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Triumph Wrench Weekend - Part 3


It was just me and Pops for a bit. After some breakfast (by the way, Pops made those pancakes on Saturday), we hit the garage and started hitting the fabrication. Doug decided to head up from the Bay to help out.

Gratuitous spark shot

Troop showed up so it was 4 of us working. I spent quite a while cleaning up the fender, Pops welded up the foot brake brackets, Doug and Pops worked on the front brake stay. and Troop continued to work on motor parts and modified the seat.

We got the fender mostly mounted before I had to pack up and head home.

I left the preunit there. I'll be heading back in a couple weeks to finish things up. Pops took the hard tail in and TIG welded all the brackets, those weld porn shots coming later. I couldn't have done it without the support of the Throwbacks. Their knowledge, skills, hospitality, and commradery make it a blast to do what we do. THROWBACKS

Too see all the photos...

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Some unused sketches

Triumph Wrench Weekend - Part 2


All 3 of us woke up feeling like we ate bad sushi and eggs the night before. The pancakes Pop's wife made us helped a little. But pretty much the whole day was spent feeling nauseous and uneasy. It ain't easy being green.

I'm glad I had my pjs.

After an eternity of getting the 18" wheel together (thanks Caffeine for the wheel!) and another bitter struggle assembling the forks we had a roller.

Troop reassembled and modified the drive line to get all the spacing right.

So we had a roller

But we needed advice on a couple things. We loaded up the truck to see local guru Robert.

Robert has been there, done that, seen it all. And was working on one of their friend's '51 Triumph. My mouth was a bit open in awe.

Advice given. Advice taken. We headed back to Pop's garage and started working on the seat. Pops made some new bungs while I made a new front pivot bracket. Troop was working on tearing apart the trans.

The seat was mounted. And we called it a night.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I got you covered

I came home Sunday night to a surprise from Lori. She's so gangsta.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Triumph Wrench Weekend - Part 1

I made it back in last night. What a weekend. So much went down, and yet we still have so far to go. But it was a blast. I'm going to break my posts up for each day to make it more manageable.


Francisco let me borrow his truck. I took my preunit and his friend's '57 preunit up. After a 4 hour drive (it should be around 2-1/2) through horrible traffic full of people trying to get to the powder-covered mountains, I made it to Grass Valley and greeted everyone. We had some 'za and hit the garage.

Friday was mostly setting everything out and going over a game plan. After Pops got over laughing after looking at my welds and Troop did an overall inspection, we made a to do list. A big one. That's what she said.

And christened the start of the weekend.

You might notice how great some of these pictures are. They are by Sarah Butcher who stopped by and snagged a few of us acting like buffoons.

That night we got the basic mockup together and started talking things out. Since I changed hardtails everything I did had to be redone basically. Let me just stress how glad I am I just decided to change things. It was the right decision. Everything just fell into place, proportionately, stylistically, and functionally.

The rest of Friday was spent just drinking. We'd pay for it on Saturday.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Unfinished motorcycle project / art show

I'm putting on a show in San Francisco February 19th. Please take a look at this forum post and I hope to see you there!


Thursday, January 20, 2011

Bike kit

This weekend has been a long time coming. I'll be heading up to Grass Valley and hanging with my Throwbacks crew and charging on my Triumph. A weekend bender of fabrication, whiskey, and shit talking. I'm bringing everything I have for the Triumph and we're going to make something of it.

Luka will be home holding down the fort while I'm gone. Don't cross his path, he'll gut you! Actually he'll probably pace, whine, and lay by the door until I get home. Hopefully there will be plenty of crime shows for Lori to watch. Adios!

Majority rule

Been busy, not much going on, but this is good entertainment

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Rockin' the cowboy hat

Sunday was a cowboy hat kinda day.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Hot To Trot

We hit the Dollar Day at Golden Gate Fields yesterday with Lori's mom. $1 hot dogs, $1 beer, $1 entry, $1 programs, $1 soda. But no $1 bacon cheese burgers or whiskey. I dislike beer and hot dogs, so I had to go with the soda and a $4.25 polish sausage. Lori bet on the first 4 races and we left the track with $45 in our pockets, the first time we ever made money. Our whole day was paid for. Thank you Golden Gaylord! See Lori soon on an episode of Intervention for gambling addiction.

Sunday, January 16, 2011


I had a few people ask me what I use to do my illustrations. I didn't go to art school. I don't really know what I'm doing. And I use real basic tools to do my drawings. I like mechanical pens to do the light linework as I don't have to sharpen them and they erase pretty easily. I love having a brush to sweep away the eraser pieces. And my main line pen is a Micron 05, occasionally an 08 to color in some gaps, and a good ol Sharpie for big fill ins.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Front St Cycle illustrations

Here are better quality images of my 2 new illustrations I did for Craig at Front St Cycle. I'm putting on an Old Motorcycle Project / Art Show in San Francisco in mid February and will be displaying these and some other stuff.

End Breed Discrimination

As an Ohioan in my heart, this is a pretty important topic for me. Sign the petition!


Targeting: The OH State Senate and The OH State House
Started by: Stephanie Feldstein

Ohio is the only place in the U.S. with statewide discrimination against dogs. If you live in Ohio and have a pit bull -- or any muscular, short-haired dog who could be mistaken for a pit bull -- your dog is automatically considered vicious.

Last year, a bill was introduced that would remove pit bulls from the state's definition of vicious dogs. The bill passed the House of Representatives, but was never called to vote in the Senate.

To start off this year's legislative session, Rep. Barbara Sears (R-Lucas County) reintroduced legislation (H.B. 14) that would end Ohio's breed discrimination.

Join advocates around the country in urging the state legislature to make it a priority to pass H.B. 14 to end breed discrimination in Ohio.