Monday, November 24, 2008

3 Problems With Obama... so far

Obama's my boy, but so have I have collected 3 issues I am not too pleased with.

Lieberman. The guy is getting off scott free after betraying the Democratic party. He's unremorseful, unrepetentent, a lying Droopy Dog, and Obama seems to be kissing his ass. The Democrats should have kicked him to the street.

Hillary. Hillary as Sec. of State is a bad idea. Because for 4 years all she'll be thinking about is 2012. Plus, remember, during her campaign she played some pretty shady moves on Obama. I understand Obama's whole "I love Lincoln, keep your enemies closer" tactics, but Hillary? Bad idea.

Finally, this issue.

I still have faith in Obama. I should know it's not going to be perfect. But these 3 issues kind of peeve me off, if you know what I'm sayin', dawg.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

My supervisor introduced me to her 70 year old step uncle today. I'd been nagging her for about a year. He's a Model A collector. Not only does he have a sickness of model A's, he's one hell of a nice guy.

I wish I could have got 1/1000th of the interesting stuff on film. I wish I could possibly remember all the different years and models. Behold.

He wanted a store, so he built one from scratch. There is so much cool stuff in this building.

Outside his workshop he's working on a 34 and a 29

Inside his workshop, it's stuffed

his newest acquisition,a 55 Panel

He's 70 years old, been doing this since the 50's. But he still finds stuff real cheap. REAL cheap. I hope he adopts me.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Park Place

My work could use on of these

Thursday, November 20, 2008

New Member of the Kool Kid Klub

I am now connected. I switched from Sprint to AT&T and got the poor man's iPhone, the LG VU. I don't need all the crap on the iPhone and I certainly don't need the cost of the plan.

LG VU - free phone, $60/month service with internet, messaging.
iPhone - $200 phone, $120/month service

So far I'm happy. I wanted internet access mostly for email, maps, and weather. But being able to watch (most) Youtube videos is a plus.

Be A Good Scout, Help Those Old Ladies

Something way cool happened to me last night. I was taking out the garbage and one of the neighbors across the street called me over asking for help. I said "Sure, no problem!" She had an old potted plant she needed dumped into the oraganics recycling bin. It took me about 5 minutes to dig the thing out for her. "I can't thank you enough!" "Anytime!" As I was doing so she began to tell me how much she loved my old cars and how much she loved seeing me out there working on them. With tears in her eyes, she went on to tell me how her husband, who passed away 3 years ago, would have loved me and he'd be out there tinkering with me. Apparently they used to be regulars in the old car show circuit. They owned a '49 and '50 Merc (at the same time) and used to go to Hot August Nights, a whole family affair.

Long conversation short, she told me to "Wait right here" and she ran into her house. She brought out her late husbands "The Flathead" newletter/magazine collection and handed it to me. Holy smokes! There's around 40 of them. They range from 1974 to about 1981 and are full of Ford pictures, tech tips, old catalogues, etc, and many have line art drawings of cars.

She again thanked me for helping her and I told her "ANY TIME." Help those old ladies!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Toasty Buns

Believe me, Droopy Eyes is loving every moment of this.

Thursday, November 13, 2008


I bet she even changes her own oil.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Max's Ride

Max put on an old bike ride in the Berkeley area yesterday. I got my XS650 back together and made the trip over. Man, there were a lot of cool bikes there for me to drool over. Lot's of "lifestyle" guys there; I felt like I was in a 60's biker b-movie. Anyway, it makes me really want to get my Triumph going. Here's some pics.


Weird warehouse bar

Saturday, November 8, 2008


After more than 2 years and 4 moves, I finally got my 74 RD350 bottom end back together. The RD will ride again!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

To mother Ohio

Wow, you did it! You went from Red to Blue. You rallied and you fucking gave the conservatives a 1-2 punch right to the kidney. Fuck yes! I was so happy to see Ohio vote for Obama. Everyone at work asked me how proud I was. And I had to say very proud!

I am VERY disappointed that California passed Prop 8. What a comlete civil rights violation. America moves forward and California takes a step back. All I have to say is it WILL happen. And the fucking Mormons need to keep the fuck out of our business. The $20,000,000 they spent on Prop 8 could have been put to real use, say, helping the sick and poor? Isn't that what you religious types preach? Hypocrites. So, now our chickens get to live in luxory apartments, but gay people still can't get married.

Fuck you religion.

But at least we're geeting a bullet train from SF to LA.

Saturday, November 1, 2008


This has been the best Halloween in recent memory. After work Friday I rushed home to set up my truck and do all the lighting, get the scary music ready, set up the strobes, and all the finishing touches. This was the third time I'd put my vampire make up on and I think I got it down pat. Lori was my vampiress queen. Dusk set in. And we sat around waiting. A few sprinkles here and there dotted our heads. But still no kids. I was getting bummed out, and Lori tried to keep my spirits up saying it was still fun. She bet we'd get 4 kids, I bet 5.

And then it happened.

Darkness set in and they began coming in droves. 10 at a time. All night long we heard the same things out of people's mouths. "SWEET!" "This is THE best house!" "You guys did a great job!" "It's like a fun house!" That really made us feel good for all the hard work we put into this season. It was my very first time getting to do the treating as I grew up in a house in the country where no kids go.

We ran out of candy and closed up shop. We then ordered Papa John's pizza. I haven't had Papa Johns in over 3 years and I missed it! What a great night!

I put a red light in the cab which let up the skeleton. People loved this and asked us to pse in front of it.