Tuesday, July 29, 2014

How to remove a gearbox without removing the motor

Step 1: Remove primary and clutch.
Step 2: Remove gearbox adjusters and bolts.
Step 3: Analyze the situation and try not to cry.
Step 4: Accept you will still be disassembling half the motorcycle.
Step 5. Remove the right side gearbox/motor mount.
Step 6: Gently lift the gearbox out and throw it across the garage.
Step 7: Call it a day and go have a drink.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Note to self: Buy stock in shop rags

I've been talking about in for a long time, but I'm finally getting on leak prevention. I'm disassembling the gearbox and primary and am crossing my finger I can get these damn things to stop leaking. In the chain cases I'm redoing all the old 1/4-20 helicoils, adding the drain plug back in, and checking the mating services for any sign of warping. For the gearbox I'm completely disassembling, smoothing out the mating services, redoing helicoils, and replacing the outer cover bushings, and using an old thicker gasket. Crossing my fingers...

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Two Stroke Friday

I took a break from 4 strokes and gave my RD some love. I hadn't ridden it since September. At the time I bumped up the pilot 2 slots to a 30 and it was way too fat, and I hadn't had a chance to touch it since. I took the clubmans off and put on some higher bars Craig at Front St made me. I took them down to a 27.5, it started right up on 10 month old gas (let's hear it for 2-stroke oil's stabalizing qualities!), and took it on a quick death trap spin. Everything is loose and the tires are low, the headlight wasn't working, but I hit an accidental wheelie in a turn... now I remember why I keep it!

Friday, July 25, 2014


Took Max bowling for the first time the other day. My buddy Tom came along too, and I assumed we'd get to bowl too... but it was pretty much The Max Show bowling 6 consecutive games. Tom and I just had an assembly line of handing the ball and holding the dinosaur. I'd say he enjoyed it :)

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Charlie's bringing sexy back

This arrived in the mail yesterday. As soon as I repair the Triumph I'll be wiring the 750 and installing this bad mama in.

Monday, July 21, 2014

The Last Hurrah... for a bit

I took the Trump for a ride to Byron via March Creek Rd for a last ride before tearing some motor bits off. I need to pull the gearbox and fix the leaks, same for the primary side. I bought some older gearbox gaskets that are thicker than the new ones and got new bushings for the outer cover, which I didn't replace.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

My Little Maniac

It's all been a blur

The last few months, actually the last year, have been insanity. Prepping a house for sale, packing (so much packing), storage, open houses, money exchanges, trying to find a new house, moving in, repairs... each stage has been long and difficult and stressful. But we made it. We got the hell out of Oakland for Max. No more hopping over needles, or dealing with bum shit in our driveway, or having to listen to all the wonderful sounds of the inner city like screaming, donks and baggers, and gun shots. That may be what some want, but not us. We got out and we moved to a amazing, almost rural-feeling part of Walnut Creek, something we never imagined would happen. Max now has a safe street to play on, a safe neighborhood, walking distance to a great park, good schools. We have an amazing mid-century house on 1/3 acre. We could not have asked for better. We love everything about our house and our street and our neighbors and neighborhood. Lori sacrificed and now has an over-hour long commute, but she comes home to peace and a beautiful home. I had to downgrade to a standard-size garage, but I got an automatic garage door, a lot of property (for a city), and the fact that literally no one comes down this street that doesn't live here.

This blog has been spotty at best. In the last few months my gallery broke, my domain expired, and I lost a lot of organization. All that is fixed and I'm hoping to get back into documenting my life with my family and my motorcycles. I've had a blog since 1995, and I don't want to stop now. Other than 6 hours of sleep a night, my life is 95% devoted to Max (we got the pick of the litter), and all my other free time is spent on improving our house and home. But I still try to sneak in some 2-wheel fun. Here's to a new life!