Thursday, September 30, 2010

Look at this bullshit

Pass it on

"I have to add this though: what would make someone, who has a customer motorcycle design company, wear and pose for a photo with a custom motorcycle on it that was never created by them in the first place?"


Seller's Remorse

Just missin' my old Galaxie

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Oakland to Burlingame

Entering the vein of traffic from the right hand car pool lane, I passed the toll booths and signaled I was coming all the way over to the left with a wave of my hand. There's a moment of discombulation from most drivers after they pass the Bay Bridge toll booths that gives you ample time to get to the appropriate lane-splitting position between lanes 1 and 2. The cars begin to accelerate, but they have to deal with the choking congestion of other drivers. Not me. I know that to get around the Bay during rush hour, a motorcycle is the only way. You aren't limited to how fast the driver is going in front of you; you make your own way. The last true freedom left to man in this country. Well, at least this state.

The bridge begins to incline and you can see the city slowly coming closer and closer. It's a balancing act between being fast and not being an asshole. I probably edge closer to asshole more than I like to admit, but I keep it within reason. A lot of riders are too scared to lane-split and they are stuck in traffic with the rest of the herd. I feel sorry for these poor saps. Why ride a bike if you can't enjoy the perks? Some riders are very slow when it comes to splitting. They seem spooked, apprehensive, nervous, and unsure of their abilities and the other cars. Then there's people like me who just do it and don't think about it. It's natural. And, unfortunately, there's the young punks who haven't accepted their mortality yet and have a tendency to ride way faster than should be acceptable and way more dangerously. They quickly creep up behind you and demand you get out of their way. Which I do. That's the unwritten rule: Get out of the way. Obey it. Check your 6, get your ass over.

I tend to enter a different mindset when I lane-split. I don't think about anything other than "the now." In my life I can't possibly think about a situation where I'm more conscious of the present. I spend a lot of my life planning for the future or feeling nostalgic. But not with lane-splitting. I become one with the world, the bike, the road. Vehicles have their own body language and you can learn to read and understand what a driver is thinking of doing. Are there close calls? All the time. But the more you do it, the better you get.

I also know when to hold back. A new bridge is being built, so they've added a horrible S-curve right before Treasure Island that slows down the whole flow. Drivers tend to have difficulty staying in their own lane in these curves, and I know to not split during this section. Experience tells me where the bad spots are, where there are holes in the pavement, and what areas drivers have a hard time seeing thanks to blind spots or the sun.

Zooming through the Treasure Island tunnel it's now a straight shot for San Francisco. Traffic magically thins out around here and I can ride in the left lane at full speed for most of it. Soon enough, it's time to merge back with traffic and careen around the gentle curves until just south of the city where 80 South merges with 280 South. Which is a clusterfuck to put it bluntly. It dumps you out near the right side of the freeway and I try to make my way all the way to left side again as quickly and carefully as possible.

After a mile or so of splitting, traffic opens up once again and you head down south past Brisbane, past South San Francisco, past the airport, past San Bruno and Millbrae and finally to Burlingame. The smell of burning chocolate pierces your nostrils and I jump off the freeway at the Broadway exit. Time to relax and let my adrenaline be reabsorbed into my blood stream. Just city streets the rest of the way. 33 minutes door to work. Not too shabby.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Like I mentioned earlier, I cracked the exhaust manifold because I am a dumbass. I didn't have time to put the new one on, so I used my Super Awesome #1 Gold AAA Card and got it towed to Oakland, no charge. The guy that came out was very conscious of my car being low and did everything he could to not have it scrape. Excellent professional. Watching the car on the back of the truck bounce around definitekly told me I need new shocks. But she's home, alive, well, and hopefully I can get her fixed up for Friday's last Oakland Cruise Night.

Monday, September 27, 2010


If Richard Pryor could do it, so could we. After what seemed like an eternity of packing over the last few weeks, the movers, Winter Moving, showed up and did all the grunt work for us. Thankfully we packed up the garage the week before, because that truck was filled to the end. We have a lot of shit. We also were fortunate enough to pick one of the hottest weekends of the year to move. The moving part was seamless and no hiccups. Unpacking is going to be a nightmare. The house is 1000 degrees, the basement is packed, and the backyard of full of trash. There is so much to do right now it seems insurmountable. But luckily Lori calms me down when I start freaking out a little, and vice-versa.

Saturday, September 25, 2010


It's over! We're moved in, unpacking, and just tying up a few loose ends. That's another post. What I can't believe is what a raging dumbass I am. Friday I drove to work in the Desoto. I came home and pulled up by the sidewalk at home and heard a loud "sscccrrrrraaaaape" as my dump tube hit the sidewalk. After the scrape and a loud "FUCK!" from me, the sound of a snapped exhaust manifold filled the air. Fucking shit, 2 days before I need to drive it to Oakland. Thank Jebus I have a spare manifold. But thank Jebus X 10 I have a gold membership at AAA and can tow it to Oakland for free. These dump tubes have been nothing but problems since I had them installed. Looks like I'll be swapping the manifold out next weekend, hopefully in time for the last Oakland Cruise Night. And hopefully without snapping any manifold studs. Sheep balls on a stick.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Another Fire!

I heard a noise, I jumped up, and the dogs barked at 3:30 A.M. last night. I looked out the window and didn't see anything. Seconds later I heard a horn do a long fading funeral note and a couple bangs, jumped up again and ran to the door. "OH MY GOD! There's a truck on fire across the street!" I put my clothes on and ran out the door. The San Bruno fire just happened and it was fresh on my mind. I rang a few doorbells of neighbors to try to wake them up in case, and Lori called 911. Then I took a video just as the firetruck came.

I saw the poor guy this morning just standing over his truck in disbelief. Electrical fire is my guess, the whole front end is gone. I don't think it ever got to the gas tank amazingly.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Old Married Couple

Our last night going out from South City. We went to the Elbo Room to have some cheap happy hour drinks and listen to Dusty spin some old soul. Tonight it's packing the kitchen and cleaning. We're just about set. Our dogs can't wait to get back to their big yard to run around.

The Hussies reunited

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

House Visitin'

We drove over to the house to see how it was doin'.

Yup, it's still there.

Supa Commuta

T-Minus 6 days until I start commuting from Oakland. There is no BART stop in Burlingame, so my only real option is to motorcycle commute again, rain or shine or wind or hell flames. When we lived in the Fruitvale area of Oakland a few years ago, I got a 2008 KLR650 and commuted across the San Mateo bridge. I loved that KLR, even with all its faults like excessive oil burning and plastics. It was nice to just have a reliable motorcycle to get me to work. But I'll never buy new again. Especially since I have a tendency to ride off cliffs. I have 2 project bikes and my poor XS650 is in serious need of a top end job, so I'm in the market for another KLR, this time, I'm looking from 2004-2007 and under $3000. I'd love to put that $3000 to something like finishing my projects, but this is a transportation necessity. I learned from my mistakes of commuting last time, so I'll need some decent rain gear and hard luggage cases. And you don't know how nice riding a motorcycle in the cold can be until you get some heated grips.

Sunday, September 19, 2010


We did it, we f'ing did it. Not only did we plow through a hoarder's wet dream, completely clean the entire basement, remove 60 year old trash, but we also moved my entire garage over. To say we are exhausted is an understatement. now we can just cruise on easy street as the movers move the rest next Saturday. 1 more week of South City.

Watch dog

"Heeeeere's Luka!"

dust flares


tube amp Victrola record player

rockin it

Saturday, September 18, 2010


More tired, less fun today. Major awesome thanks to Doug for helping. Old owners took the wigs and some other good stuff. Oh well. We got all the furniture we need, a working Victrola record player, a basement freezer, and tons of misc. We're very happy about that. And there will be a huge garage sale coming up. We are currently living off Little Caesars "Hot N Ready"s. Next load is loaded in the Sprinter. It will be a two van trip tomorrow for all my garage stuff. Tired. Movers are taking the bulk of it, I'm just trying to save them some time and us some money. Time for a shower.


Friday, September 17, 2010

Here come da junk man

We got us a big ol convoy

The Dodge Sprinter. Diesel powered. Burning dinosaur bones. Jon & Kate haul their brood around in one. And the company I work for just got one. And we were lucky enough to convince my boss to let us borrow it for the weekend to move things with. Sure, my other coworker gets to drive the Lamborghini, the R8, the Mercedes... but damn, this is like driving a semi! I feel like there should be a resistance band hanging from the roof so I can practice for the upcoming arm wrestling competition. Over the top, baby!

Thanks boss.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Twas The Night Before Moving

I wrote this listening to this song. If you want to enhance your experience, play this while reading. Thanks to DJ Scott.

Twas The Night Before Moving

Twas the night before moving
And all through the house
Luka and Sheena were playing
And the cats laid about

Tim Gunn on Project Runway
Filled the tv screen
While we ate Chipotle
Mine without beans

When all of a sudden
Our realtor Liz gave a ring
"You guys are golden!"
"Meet me tomorrow first thing!"

We jumped off the couch
In PJ's and socks
"Holy Shit!" we exclaimed
"This fuckin' rocks!"

From work I borrowed
The giant-ass Dodge Sprinter
And boogied back home
To try and fill her

We filled boxes and boxes
Of ridiculous shit
And useless things
"Hey I may need it!"

She filled 99 trash bags
Of things she would use
32 more for her jackets
And 7 more for her shoes

Then came the big toys
The motorcycles and tools
"Don't tip the gas cans!"
Was one of my rules

We piled up that Sprinter
Like packing a pipe
Exhausted and beat up
And smelling quite ripe

We headed for Oakland
Off and away
To get to our new home
Across the Bay

Right in the driveway
Liz handed over the keys
"Hope you guys aren't worn out!"
"No sweat, was a breeze"

Running on fumes
We emptied that van
It was soon over
Because we had a plan

Surrounded by boxes
We passed out on the couch
Old pizza on the counter
Both of us in a slouch

We actually pulled it off,
No hickups, no flats,
Our first night in our new house,
"Oh shit we forgot the cats!"

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

John Hancock in waiting

Lots of things going on today.

I have a Heartwalk 5K at lunchtime with some work people. I was hoping I'd run it but I haven't really reconditioned myself for it. I just started running again yesterday and as usual my stamina is way down and I have to get my knees, ankles, and feet back into pavement pounding condition. So I'll probably walk-run it.

Also, if everyone gets their act together, today is the day Lori and I should be signing paperwork on our house in Alameda. We NEED to sign paperwork today so we can get the keys on Friday and can use the weekend to clean out the new house. Otherwise we have to wait til Monday and clean it out during the weeknights... after work... in the dark.

Finally, I think I'm going to go with Factory Metalwork's hardtail. It's cheaper than the David Bird and definitely not as common. But more importantly I can get it in a 2" stretch, 2" drop. Or actually anything I want. David Birds only can do a 1" drop if it's a 2" stretch. So maybe after all the move is done, that will be the first thing I get for the Triumph.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Too Much Time To Think

Everything is packed. We are living like hoarders, boxes of stuff everywhere, pathways through the house. I feel tense as there is no room, the walls are closing in on me. I can't work on any hobbies as everything is packed away. And I do a lot of thinking. Which can be dangerous.

Looks correct from this angle

When I first got my Triumph there was something about it that just didn't sit right. I think it was two things: 1. The drag exhaust just didn't match the style of bike I wanted and 2. The 4" stretch hardtail was just too long. I was going to change these things but I was trying to save money and just "run what ya brung." After thinking on it for years I don't think I can do that, I just won't be happy. So I'm going to replace my hardtail with a 2" stretch. That will suck the back end in. I'll have to remount my fender and seat, but it shouldn't affect too much, including the oil tank. I'm also going to replace the 16" wheel with either an 18" or 19" and put the 16" MKII tire on my CB750 project. This should bring all the proportions of the bike to where they should be.

Exhaust? I'm not sure yet. Something a little more timeless and classic. This is one of those hard decisions you have to make in life, especially after you put in hours of work on something, only to change it.

As for cool Triumphs, check out this rigid hardtail pre-unit Born Loser is building...