Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Lori, her mom, our 2 dogs, and I decided to take a day trip up to Eureka, CA Saturday and stay the night. We took the (1) all the way up, which is great in the beginning. But after 5 hours of twisting roads it got a little tiring (and car sick). We finally hit the (101), flew up to Eureka, and crashed for the night. The way home was quicker but still a lot of good sights. I'd like to go up the 1 again sometime solo on the KLR and just find some woods to ride into and camp, meditate, escape.

All of the trip pictures

One of the many vista point stops on the 1

Bones BBQ

Driving through the redwood

Master Blaster run Barter Town

The big surprise in Eureka was the annual Kinetic Sculpture race they were having at the beach right behind our hotel. Some of the vehicles were just awesome. Of course it was freezing cold and windy on launch day, and the 2 girls from Arizona were being as tough about it as they could.

We headed home and ran into the maniac Great Dane chained down like a vicious monster. Which it was. Trucks with dogs in the back would drive by and it would try lunging at them. It would jump on top of the cab and just chill in the breeze at 70mph.

We stopped at the Legend of Bigfoot to check out some chainsaw sculptures

Then hit the Indian Casino in Willits where I won $140 on nickel slots

We finally made it back to Oakland around 7 PM to be greated by the lovely sounds of bass, tires squealing, and crackheads. Home sweet home.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Morgan the Escape Artist

Found this little dude wandering around the busy street. Called his owner and Luka played (annoyed) with him for about 20 minutes until he had to go.

Grow My Minions!

Vegetable gardens and beards... both a test of your patience.

2 Peas In A Pod

Lori's mom is visiting. Can you tell they're both from Arizona?

SOHCan Almost Taste It

Got some 1.5" risers to clear the tube caps because I'm too cheap to have the fork tubes cut down or find some CB550 tubes. But honestly I think I'll like the tad more height. Ignore the 3-speed bars... Craig is making me some bars. Now time to dive into the engine.

In The Zone

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Got 27 minutes?

This is an absolutely great speech

Cruisin' on easy street

I changed my sprockets and chain on the KLR last weekend. The rear sprocket was pretty snaggletoothed, but the front sprocket really wasn't so bad. The chain was pretty wrecked, though. It sounded like ball-bearings being run through a threasher. It's currently got just over 17,000 miles on it, so I've almost put 10,000 miles on it since November. The guy before me changed the stock 15/43 to a 15/42 for a bit better highway riding. I changed it to a 16/43 for even better highway riding. Wow, what a difference. It's like butter. At 75mph my RPMs went from 5300 to 4800. I can cruise 80 really easily now, and before I was a bit nervous about blowing the engine. It is just a single, after all...


43T & new o-ring chain

Moved my wheel base up an 1"!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Write your congressman

Throwbacks Sunday Scoot

I'll be heading up for this

Sheener Weiner

Luka has been getting a lot of love here recently, so here's some of our little shit, Sheena.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Operation Backyard: Phase 7: The End

After 2 months of weekends, 2 wads of cash, and 2 broken backs,we finished up the backyard this weekend. We filled in the side strip by the patio and put the mulch in the side yard which will now become my wood cutting area. There's a few things to button up, but at least we don't have the huge pile of gravel and stone on the patio anymore. We may stain the patio, but next year we will be dropping a few more bucks on deck for the patio with pergola, hot tub, and flag stone front patio (see sketch). But this is good for now and we are happy. The dogs can run around easily, so they are happy too.

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Friday, May 20, 2011

No More Fire Hazard

We threw $1400 at an electrical panel upgrade to get rid of our Federal Pacific garbage. The guys at Fighting Amish were great and got everything upgraded and up to code. They even threw a dedicated line for my compressor in. I'll be adding two more lines, one for the welder, and one for the backyard myself soon.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

White Elephant Sale

For my neighborhood's upcoming sale

Monday, May 16, 2011

21 Years have gone by


What a weekend. We got half as much done as we wanted (as usual), but we had a good time. Sunday we attended the Oakland Greek Festival. It was supposed to rain all day but it was sunny enough and held out long enough for everyone to have a good time there. We gorged ourselves on lamb chops, gyro, and loukoumades. The Mormon church next door provided free parking. Good to see a cult put their money to good use. The church ground were amazing. Opa!

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Greek sausage...

Loukoumades... Oh My!