Thursday, April 29, 2010

No More Burritos, PLEASE!

This week's good news came from a call I got at work on Monday. It was from Chipotle. I had won the Fishbowl prize. Ya know, those fishbowls you put your business card in, for a drawing for free food? Yeh, I won that! I got 5 free things, so 2 barbacoa bowls for Lori, and 2 1/2 chicke, 1/2 steak burritos for me, and a chicken quesidilla. We got 3 meals out of it! You can't complain about that! Although, I see some people get TEN free burritos.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Meet Me In The City

So here's a follow up to the first Desoto video. I am becoming a Microsoft Movie Maker editing whiz. I figured out how to make the video 16:9 so I reupped the first video. Anyway, Part 2.

Scenes from a bbq

Monday, April 26, 2010

Reach For The Sky

Lori and I (and our dogs) made this yesterday

Friday, April 23, 2010

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Sweet Notes

Christmas came in April for me last Friday. After a few years of waiting to replace the swiss cheese exhaust under the Desoto, I finally got it done. I took my Desoto to Simon & Gee in San Francisco. I had bought two 22" Smithy mufflers and two stainless steel dump tubes from Speedway. For $340 S&G hooked me up! Now my Desoto sounds like a beast! I'm so happy. It sounds so fantastic. Now to get the charging system to work.

You can see all the pics here

Monday, April 12, 2010


Yesterday it was pouring rain, windy, and cold for the second Sunday in a row. And for the second Sunday in a row I actually went out and ran. Next Sunday is the Petaluma Foot Race and I want to be as prepared as possible. My goal yesterday was to do 3.1 miles without stopping to walk and I accomplished that goal. But I got soaked. Majorly soaked. And I was definitely cold and pruned. I'm probably a little bit crazy for even going out. My coworker had a 1/2 marathon yesterday and it took her 3 hours, so I can't complain too much. I'm slowly building my stamina back up. It feels good to be able to do 3 miles again, especially since about a month ago I couldn't do 1/2 a mile without major pain and exhaustion. The body is an amazing thing; stick with it, and it will reward you. Lori and I have also started running at 5:30 A.M. on Tuesday mornings as well.

Here are my last 4 runs

Sunday April 11

Thursday April 8

Tuesday April 6

Sunday April 3

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Oakland P.D. is Pathetic

Yesterday Lori and I went to an open house and then drove by a house we put an offer on. Turns out we didn't get the house. Some fools definitely overpaid. But we turned the corner, parked, and called our friends to say we were on our way over. We drove half a block when suddenly some girl came screaming out to our car, crying, begging for help. Her shirt was half open and she was screaming that her boyfriend was going to kill her and her girlfriend, and to please help. I told her to get in the car and we drove off. She was in the back seat screaming, trying to explain what was happening. We called 911 and they said to stay put and a cop would come out.

The girl explained her story. Apparently her and her girlfriend shared a boyfriend. (Oh boy...). They dropped him and changed all the locks to the house. He broke in and started punching her girlfriend in the face. They ran to a room and locked themselves in. He was threatening them with a taser. Somehow this girl got out and we happened to be driving by just as this happened.

As we were parked we saw her boyfriend drive by getting the hell out of there. We waited 20 minutes for an officer and no one showed up. We called back asking where the hell the cop was, we still have this girl in our car! Apparently were were on the Berkeley/Oakland border, and they actually asked us to drive one block over to Oakland so they could have the Oakland cops respond!!! We did so and parked and waited another 15 minutes! It was ridiculous. This girl is in our backseat sobbing, worried that her friend is murdered. She tells us her boyfriend has a "new bitch" and he gave this girl's dog and cell phone to his new bitch. She didn;t want the cops to run her name because she has a warrant as well!

We called 911 for the THIRD time (it had been 35 minutes at this point). They told us they were at the house, the other girl had called the cops and they were there. We drove the girl to her house and she got out. Unbelieveable. The whole situation was, to use an over-used term, surreal. just like some movie. But what was most unbelieveable was the HORRIBLE response time of the Oaklad/Berkeley police. What if someone was laying in the street bleeding to death? Absolutely pathetic.

We drove to our friends and had a stiff drink. Just another Oakland story.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

1 less bit of ugly

The ugly fender/turn signal bracket had been bugging me for too long. So instead of doing anything productive on my other projects I busted ass before the storm hit and redid the rear fender mount. Yet another weekend lost to bad weather. It's getting pretty old.

Torched and bent corners